Compassion. Comfort. Community.

Assisting with the fitness and health of older adults and families through exercise and healthy eating programs.

Some of our past partners include...

AMIM group photo around the Charles River from weekly walk

Our Programs

AMIM provides a variety of community programs to people of all ages who enjoy movement. AMIM's weekly fitness events are open to adults and families who want to have fun making friends, exercising and exploring the city.

The Personal Training and Nutrition program provides a variety of gym knowledge lessons to people who would like to increase their physical fitness levels. To date, AMIM has provided over 400 hours of inclusive, high-quality personal training to the community.

In addition, AMIM sends a weekly newsletter which highlights community stories, goals, and successes as a celebration.

Personal training session with AMIM trainer and senior using a recumbent bike
AMIM Health Team

AMIM Health's Story

All Muscles in Motion (AMIM) is a private, nonprofit organization that assists older adults and families to exercise safely and eat healthfully. All Muscles in Motion offers a wide range of high-quality services and programs in Boston communities.

We host weekly community fitness classes, help set challenges and goals, and organize 5k walks. Our aim is to create an inclusive community for older adults and their families to move.

AMIM Health's fitness classes are led by professional personal trainers and yoga teachers. To get in touch about a partnership or learn more about joining AMIM Health's programs, please contact us below. Learn more

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